MODEL 4005/4105

Farrar Scientific offers state of the art solutions for a rapid freeze/thaw process for Bio Processing applications, greatly reducing the freeze or thaw conditioning time from days or weeks to hours. Our Control Rate Chamber Model 4005, (air cooled) or 4105, (water cooled) can rapid freeze/thaw from +40C to -80C.
The Farrar Scientific Controlled Rate Chamber enables fast, uniform bulk freezing and thawing of Protein or products contained in a variety of containers, (bags, bottles or any size containers) such as single use system (SUS), polycarbonate vessels or polypropylene vessels.

MODEL 4002/4102

  • Uniform, repeatable results improve quality control in production and logistics.
  • Forced-air circulation provides quick pulldown from ambient to desired temperature throughout the container extending to the fluid core which avoids false freeze points and optimizes the freezing process (1,000 CFM air circulation).
  • Repeatable Freeze & Thaw process.
  • Eliminates uncertainty. Provides temperature specific conditioning to satisfy processing and shipping protocols for various pharmaceuticals.
  • Solid phase conditioning assures maximum heat of fusion for greater energy storage and longest cooling capacity over time.