Delivering Ultra-Low Temperature Refrigeration
Farrar Scientific specializes in ultra-low temperature cascade refrigeration engineering, consultative solutions and OEM products for pharmaceutical, life science, biotechnology, electronics, semi-conductor and industrial applications.
Farrar Scientific is on the leading edge of applied and theoretical refrigeration technology.  The Farrar team offers intellectual property and consulting services with a global scale and proven experience of value to large and small organizations alike.
Our services range from preliminary project evaluation, feasibility studies and front-end consulting, to manufacturing, testing, installation and certification.  Intellectual property services are arranged in the following categories:
  • Management Consulting
  • OEM Outsource Support
  • Testing, Remediation and Optimization
  • On-site training and quality control education
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Refrigeration System Design
  • Control System Design
  • Proof of Concept
  • Troubleshooting
  • Component Optimization
  • Engineering Documentation
  • Performance Monitoring
In addition, Farrar Scientific offers custom manufacturing , prototype development, small-run production, and installation of process, storage and other ultra-low refrigeration systems used in a variety of applications.  Where possible, Farrar Scientific can offer pre-engineered solutions through its line of recirculating chillers.

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Ultra-Low Refrigeration Engineering