Our Company

With 100+ years experience in the design and remediation of high performance temperature conditioning systems for the pharmaceutical and semi-conductor industry, Farrar Scientific is uniquely positioned with precision equipment and personnel to accurately provide exacting analysis of the operation and performance of each component within your refrigeration system and the impact of each component on the overall system.

Farrar Scientific is a group of engineers and technicians that developed and grew through the design and manufacture of specialty refrigeration equipment. Technical expertise was gained through exposure to the requirements of the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries including:
Life Science Incubators – precise temperature/humidity control/uniformity, Long Term Drug and Sample Storage – low temperature applications (-100°F and below), Semiconductor Chip Testing – focused point heating loads and dynamic load changes.

Areas of Expertise

  • Design & manufacture of unitary storage, process and transport equipment
  • Design and build unique walk-in environmental chambers for high value
    temperature sensitive products or processes
  • Analysis and application of thermal sciences and controls utilizing a gated design process
  • Forensic review of current problematic designs or installations
  • Independent testing resource for life science, food service and cold chain markets to evaluate thermal systems
  • Evaluation of thermal systems through the utilization of The Scientific Method, (analytical, experimental and computational)
  • Preventive and proactive maintenance service plans along with remote
    surveillance services

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